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Ignou MBA Solved Assignments
IGNOU MBA Solved Assignments

MS-10 Solved Assignment Organizational design, development and change

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  • Version: Jan - June 2014

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Q. Describe the evolutionary process of organization design and different perspectives of organization design and their relevance.
Answer. When an organization has just been launched and only a small number of persons are involved there is generally...... Organizational Evolution applies the metaphor of biologic evolution to learning......

Q. Explain the meaning and purpose of Job design and briefly discuss the impact technology has on Job design.
Answer. Job design is the systematic and purposeful allocation of tasks to individuals and.... The following key factors need to be taken into consideration..........

Q. Discuss the purpose of organizational analysis and briefly describe the tools which could be used for organizational analysis and their effectiveness.
Answer. An organizational analysis is a tool used when trying to improve an organization's efficiency........

Q. Identify different kinds of change which take place in organization and strategies which are used for change and their effectiveness. Discuss how resistance to change can be handled before implementing it. Give examples.
Answer. There are different types of change any organization faces, including: ....... Change of this type to the system characteristics would alter the degree of openness.....

Q. Discuss the process of institution building and the role of chief executive in institution building with an example.
Answer. The process of institution building is the energizing of people so that not.... The nature and process of the institution building process should be informed...

MS-10 Solved Assignment IGNOU MBA

This page is dedicated to IGNOU Master of Business Administration (MBA) MS-10 Organizational design, development and change Solved Assignment. You can download IGNOU MBA MS 10 Solved Assignments of Jan - June 2014 here.

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