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MS-06 Solved Assignment Marketing for Managers

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  • Version: 2015 July - Dec

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University: IGNOU
Course: Master of Business Administration

Q&A of MS-06 Solved Assignment 2015

Q. "Distinguish between Product Marketing Vs. Services Marketing with suitable illustrations". Explain why service marketing is considered as more challenging than product marketing. Elaborate with suitable examples.

Answer. Goods have physical specifications and attributes, so consumers having access to this info can easily compare products to decide what’s best for them. Services vary from each other on a more conceptual level. Are you more of a Vodafone or a Airtel type of person......

Q. "Marketing involves much more than selling and adverting" Discuss.
Answer. Selling means transforming products into cash or money where as marketing is converting consumers wants and needs into products then getting money. It's not at all easy to convince people and market a product. Marketing consists of complete client satisfaction producing product. Selling is merely selling the product and not concerned about customers needs and wants.......

Q. What are the major objectives of Sales Promotion initiated by firms? Discuss the role and responsibilities of a Sales Managers in conceiving and executing such sales promotion programs of any FMCG, company of your choice. Answer. The goals and objectives of a sales promotion are to boost consumer demand, stimulate market demand, and enhance product availability.......

Q. Discuss the major considerations involved in designing Marketing Organization. Explain taking one example from the following:
i) a consumer durable company of Pan-India operations.
ii) an FMCG Company with operation in South India.
Answer. Good organizational design requires the silos, fragmented processes and reporting structures which have developed over time and recasts them into a feasible model which enables for the richness of ideas inherent in great marketing....... The structure of a marketing organisation could be analyzed at different levels, for example overall firm level or divisional level or market level. There are numerous methods for organising the marketing department.

Q. What is Segmentation? Why and when marketers undertake segmentation activity? Discuss the Segmentation variable you will consider to segment.
i) an FMCG product of your choice
ii) a 650 C.C. motorcycle targeted at Urban India
Answer. Market segmentation is a strategy that calls for dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers, businesses, or countries who have, or are understood to have, common needs, interests, and priorities, and then designing and implementing.....

Q. What do you understand by the term Marketing Research and discuss its scope and challenges in the Indian business environment.
Answer. Marketing research is the process which links the consumers to the marketer through information - information utilized to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems......

Q. As a distribution logistics manager of an e-tailer /on line marketer what are the various physical distribution tasks that you would consider and why?

Q. Discuss the 4 PS of Marketing mix with suitable examples. Discuss the role of packaging as a tool for market development with suitable illustrations.
Answer. The marketing mix is commonly executed through the 4 P's of marketing: Price, Product, Promotion and Place.........

Product: MS-06 Solved Assignment 2015

Course: IGNOU MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Session: July - Dec 2015
Subject: Marketing for Managers

Ignou Mba MS-06 Assignments - Old Sample Answer

Q. What do you understand by Distribution Channels?
Answer. A distribution channel is a set of people and firms that facilitates the flow of a product from manufacturer to end user. Three major parties are involved in a distribution channels: manufacturers, end users, and intermediaries. An intermediary is an independent person or firm that operates in between the manufacturer and the end user. Intermediaries sometimes are called resellers, middlemen, or jobbers. In addition to buying and selling the manufacturers’ products, they also perform other marketing activities such as personal selling, promoting, and gathering market intelligence. Intermediaries may or may not take the title of the goods in transit from the manufacturer to the end users................ In industrial goods, the channels are usually shorter than consumer channels. Direct selling is prevalent due to closer relationship between the manufacturer and the customer, as well as due to the nature of the product sold. Distribution channel for services are usually short and are either direct or by using an agent. Because stocks are not held, the role of wholesalers, retailer or industrial distributor does not apply....... The choice of channels can be of great significance strategically. It sets the tone for many of the other marketing activities, as well as creating major constraints and setting up great opportunities.........

Q. Distinguish Product Marketing Vs Services Marketing.
Answer. Businesses which are marketing a product encounter different challenges in comparison with those that are marketing a service. If you’re transitioning from marketing products to services or vice versa, you need to know and understand these differences to successfully promote and sell. Knowing the different challenges in product and service marketing can help you identify the correct approach. A product is a tangible good that a customer can see, touch, feel, try on, taste or otherwise use..... Services are not physical and cannot be "possessed." Because they can't be seen, touched, or made tangible...... Product marketing is more specialized and detailed than most people may realize......

The experience a client has with a service varies from one individual to another. The marketer is required to address this in 2 steps: first, to separate the elements of the service which could be standardised, and then to standardize them as much as possible. By doing this, clients will be assured that they’re consumption experience will be what they expect.. Email or call us to get Ignou Mba MS-06 Solved Assignment ......

Services cannot be stored. This is a key challenge to a service provider as any service time which is not used means a loss in revenue. For example, for every bus seat that sits empty the company is facing a loss in profit. The same issue exists for the hairdresser shop. The barber shop must keep their barbers busy cutting hair and not sitting.....

Q. Write a note on Marketing Research.
Answer. Market research is vital for the success and growth of a company. It helps to enhance the competitive nature of the business and reduce the risks. For marketers, research is not just employed for the purpose of learning, it is also a crucial component required to make good decisions....... Market research does this by giving marketers a picture of what is occurring (or likely to occur) and, when done well, provides alternatives that can be selected. For example, good research may suggest many choices for introducing new products or entering new markets. Generally marketing decisions prove less risky when the marketer can select from more than one option..... With the market getting increasingly competitive with each passing day, possessing apt knowledge about the concerns and tastes of your clients has become essential for any organization. Market research is the best way to improve customer satisfaction, know the factors which affect your organization, and to lift up your performance.

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