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Ignou MBA Solved Assignments
IGNOU MBA Solved Assignments

MS-06 Solved Assignment Marketing for Managers

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  • Version: July - Dec 2014

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Q. Distinguish between Product Vs Services Marketing with suitable illustrations.

Answer. A product is a tangible good that a customer can see, touch, feel, try on, taste or otherwise use..... Services are not physical and cannot be "possessed." Because they can't be seen, touched, or made tangible...... Product marketing is more specialized and detailed than most people may realize......

Q. Briefly explain the various elements required in the formulation of marketing strategy in the followings service offerings :
(i) Health Tourism
(ii) Cellular Phone Services
Answer. There is no doubt that India is at the advent of a boom in medical tourism....... Medical tourism involves travel for the purpose of receiving medical, dental, or surgical care (Medical Tourism Association), and represents a rapidly growing niche market within the healthcare, tourism, and hospitality industries......

Q. Discuss the term marketing mix. What makes the elements of marketing mix assume importance in planning the firms market opportunities in capturing market share. .
Answer. The marketing mix is an important element in the development of marketing....... The marketing mix includes all the elements which influence an organization......

Q. Bring out the significance of Marketing Research in a manufacturing & marketing organization. What are the challenges faced by researcher in understanding M.R. in India? Discuss.
Answer. Marketing research gives the firm a formal link to the environment in which it operates....... Marketing research may take place in order to analyse and resolve a specific problem but it can also take place in order to keep up to date, assess the state of the market, stay proactive in a declining market, anticipate future trends, pursue opportunity or to develop and expand a business..........

Q. What makes a sound and through knowledge of consumer behavior is of utmost importance for every marketer in the current marketing environment. Justify your answer with a suitable example of your choice.
Answer. Knowledge of consumer behavior can be an important competitive...... Consumer behavior is an important consideration when constructing a marketing plan...........

Q. Discuss the concept of Product Life Cycle (PLC) of any FMCG Product of your choice.
Answer. Product life cycle analysis assumes that products go through four main phases during their life cycle: introduction, growth, maturity and decline....... In reality, product life cycles adopt a number of different shapes and are never smooth. However, a good understanding of the concept, its variations, and the determinants of its shape are a powerful aid to the development of marketing strategies......

Q. Briefly explain the steps involved in the selling process by taking any semi industrial product of your choice.
Answer. No matter what you're selling, every sale follows roughly the same pattern........... The steps are what a salesperson has to go through to sell a particular product or service. Some sales are very quick, such as when the..... Professional selling involves a series of seven distinct steps........

Q. Elaborate with suitable example the importance of distribution channels in marketing of firms product offerings.
Answer. Distribution involves getting the product from the manufacturer to the ultimate consumer...... A channel consists of all the middlemen who participate in the distribution of goods and who serve as a link between the manufacturer and the consumer. Channel of distribution vary depending on the type of product or services...... Distribution channel helps in creating time and place utilities of the product, which are important for customer satisfaction. The channel will help the firm to make the product available at the right place and the success of channel efficiency and effectiveness is greatly dependent on the logistics operation of the firm to fulfil the demand.......

MS-06 Solved Assignment - IGNOU MBA

This page is dedicated to IGNOU Master of Business Administration (MBA) MS-06 Marketing for Managers Solved Assignment. You can download IGNOU MBA MS 6 Solved Assignments of July - Dec 2014 here.

Old Sample Answer

Q. What do you understand by Distribution Channels?
Answer. A distribution channel is a set of people and firms that facilitates the flow of a product from manufacturer to end user. Three major parties are involved in a distribution channels: manufacturers, end users, and intermediaries. An intermediary is an independent person or firm that operates in between the manufacturer and the end user. Intermediaries sometimes are called resellers, middlemen, or jobbers. In addition to buying and selling the manufacturers’ products, they also perform other marketing activities such as personal selling, promoting, and gathering market intelligence. Intermediaries may or may not take the title of the goods in transit from the manufacturer to the end users................ In industrial goods, the channels are usually shorter than consumer channels. Direct selling is prevalent due to closer relationship between the manufacturer and the customer, as well as due to the nature of the product sold. Distribution channel for services are usually short and are either direct or by using an agent. Because stocks are not held, the role of wholesalers, retailer or industrial distributor does not apply....... The choice of channels can be of great significance strategically. It sets the tone for many of the other marketing activities, as well as creating major constraints and setting up great opportunities.........

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