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Ignou MBA Solved Assignments
IGNOU MBA Solved Assignments

MS-06 Solved Assignment Marketing for Managers

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  • Version: July - Dec 2015

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Q. (a) Distinguish Product Marketing Vs Services Marketing with suitable illustrations.

Answer. A product is a tangible good that a customer can see, touch, feel, try on, taste or otherwise use..... Services are not physical and cannot be "possessed." Because they can't be seen, touched, or made tangible...... Product marketing is more specialized and detailed than most people may realize......

Q. (b) The essence of Marketing is a "Transaction". Explain the underlying meaning of the above statement and give reasons in support of your answer with suitable examples.
Answer. The traditional view of marketing as a simple exchange process—a concept that might be termed transaction......

Q. (a) What are the major objectives of promotion strategy in a manufacturing and Marketing organization? Suggest suitable promotion mix in the following categories :
i) Banking Services
ii) Smart phones
iii) Mineral Water
Answer. Promotion is the method you use to spread the word about your product or service to customers...... Regardless of your company's product or service, a strong set of promotional strategies can help position your company......

Q. (b) Explain the concept of market segmentation. Why do marketing firms undertake such segmentation exercise? Discuss the major advantages and demerits with suitable examples in the recent part.
Answer. The process of defining and subdividing a large homogenous market into clearly identifiable segments.......... Targeting or target marketing then entails deciding which......

Q. a) Discuss the importance of the Marketing Research function and its application in the current business environment. What are the advantages and disadvantages that a firm accrues. Cite any two examples of your choice in the recent part.
Answer. Marketing research is the process or set of processes that links the consumers, customers, and end users to the marketer through information........... Market research is primarily analyzing consumer behavior in order to discover who.....

Q. (b) Distinguish and discuss, cyber marketing from conventional marketing. Discuss the advantages and limitations of cyber marketing.
Answer. Cyber marketing simply refers to a technique of attracting potential customers by advertising your products or services......

Q. (a) What is New Product Development Strategy? As a product executive of a growing FMCG company discuss the various stages in the development process of a new product. You may assume any consumer product category to explain the stages.
Answer. Developing new products or modifying existing products so they appear new, and offering those products to current or new markets........ The dynamics of markets, technology, and competition have brought changes to virtually every market sector and have made new product development.....

Q. (b) What is the role of Marketing Organization in an enterprise? Discuss the considerations involved in designing a marketing organization for Pan India Operations.
Answer. Many organizations and businesses assign responsibility for these marketing functions to a specific group of individuals within the organization........

MS-06 Solved Assignment - IGNOU MBA

This page is dedicated to IGNOU Master of Business Administration (MBA) MS-06 Marketing for Managers Solved Assignment. You can download IGNOU MBA MS 6 Solved Assignments of Jan - June 2015 here.

Old Sample Answer

Q. What do you understand by Distribution Channels?
Answer. A distribution channel is a set of people and firms that facilitates the flow of a product from manufacturer to end user. Three major parties are involved in a distribution channels: manufacturers, end users, and intermediaries. An intermediary is an independent person or firm that operates in between the manufacturer and the end user. Intermediaries sometimes are called resellers, middlemen, or jobbers. In addition to buying and selling the manufacturers’ products, they also perform other marketing activities such as personal selling, promoting, and gathering market intelligence. Intermediaries may or may not take the title of the goods in transit from the manufacturer to the end users................ In industrial goods, the channels are usually shorter than consumer channels. Direct selling is prevalent due to closer relationship between the manufacturer and the customer, as well as due to the nature of the product sold. Distribution channel for services are usually short and are either direct or by using an agent. Because stocks are not held, the role of wholesalers, retailer or industrial distributor does not apply....... The choice of channels can be of great significance strategically. It sets the tone for many of the other marketing activities, as well as creating major constraints and setting up great opportunities.........

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