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Ignou MBA Solved Assignments
IGNOU MBA Solved Assignments

MS-07 Solved Assignment Information Systems for Managers

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  • Version: July - Dec 2014

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Q. Is Information Technology as vital to modern, global business as money? Why or why not? Discuss some trends in IT development.
Answer. IT plays an important role in business environment as every organization adopts it in some form or the other to perform tasks in an effective manner. In the past few years, rapid development in IT, particularly in communications, electronic service networks ..........

Q. "MIS has become very important in modern organizations." Explain this giving suitable examples.
Answer. An MIS is a computer-based system which provides information to the managers for decision making......... An MIS report to assist strategic planning should provide information on the resource needs to achieve the stated goals and objectives........

Q. Describe how IT facilitates recruiting, training and personnel development and labour planning.
Answer. Information technology is the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination....... An information system can assist human resources in numerous ways, but particularly in their day-to-day......

Q. Distinguish between information and knowledge. Develop an information system for human resource department.
Answer. Information is defined by Peter Drucker as "data endowed with relevance and purpose." People turn data into information by organizing them into some unit of analysis........ Knowledge is a mix of contextual information, experiences, rules, and values. It is richer and deeper than information and more valuable because someone has thought deeply about that information and added his or her own unique experience, judgment, and wisdom. One way of thinking about knowledge is to consider the different types of knowing............

Q. Write short notes on following:
(i) Programmed decisions
(ii) Emerging trends in convergence of IT
(iii) Intranet and Internet
Answer. Programmed decisions are made as standardized responses to recurring situations and routine problems, things that the team already has experience dealing with....... The decision-maker's goal is clear, the problem is familiar and information about the problem is easily defined and complete. For instance, college-admission decisions, hiring decisions, billing decisions in a hospital, reimbursement for travel expenses of a manager, etc.......

MS-07 Solved Assignment - IGNOU MBA

This page is dedicated to IGNOU Master of Business Administration (MBA) MS-07 Information Systems for Managers Solved Assignment. You can download IGNOU MBA MS 7 Solved Assignments of July - Dec 2014 here.

Old Sample Answer

Q. Explain the concept the Intranet.
Answer. Although this really means a private network that uses Internet technologies and protocols, it usually refers to a company's for-internal-use-only Web site. Sometimes a section of an intranet that's meant for clients or other wider consumption is called an extranet................ Intranets allow a company to improve communications with employees in different locations and with retail stores. They also allow a company to gather sales data from distributors and retail stores, and fill purchase orders electronically. Human resources, marketing, information systems, and accounting departments can utilize intranets for a variety of reasons can utilize intranets. One of the most productive uses of an intranet is interactive multimedia training......... An intranet is particularly important in complex and decentralized organizations, in which it is not possible for managers to observe and experience all the operations and activities in an organization. They therefore need formal channels of information for their routine, short- and long-term planning and control purposes.......

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