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MS-10 Solved Assignment

MS-10 Solved Assignment

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  • Version: 2022 Jan - June

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University: IGNOU
Course: Master of Business Administration

Q&A of MS-10 Solved Assignment 2022 Organizational design, development and change

Q. Briefly explain the difference between organizational effectiveness and organizational efficiency. Describe the factors which affect an organizational design.


Q. Discuss and describe emerging trends in work organisation and how it helps in work life balance.

Answer. ...........

Q. Briefly discuss the purpose of organizational anlaysis. Describe the elements that to be reviewed while analyzing an organisation.


Q. Discuss and describe different stages of organizational development.


Q. Describe the role of a change agent and the competencies required to be a successful change agent.


Product Details: MS-10 Solved Assignment 2022

Course: IGNOU MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Session: Jan - June 2022 July - Dec
Subject: Organizational design, development and change

Ignou Mba MS-10 Assignments - Old Sample Answers

Q. Write short note on Matrix structure?
Answer. In a matrix organization the unit or company is simultaneously organized around two dimensions. The matrix began with American aerospace companies in the 1960s. These businesses were organized around functions, mainly different engineering functions, manufacturing functions, quality, and a marketing or sales department........... The key characteristic of the matrix organization is the capability to incorporate areas and resources throughout an organization. Furthermore, people with specialized skills could be allotted to the project either on a part-time or on a more permanent basis. Sadly, unity of command is violated since each project team member will have more than one boss, resulting in the possibility of confusion, frustration, conflict, and mixed loyalties........ Matrix organizations allow project managers to concentrate on the project and project work just as in a projectized organization. The project team is free to pay attention to the project objectives with minimal distractions from the functional department.......

Q. Describe the factors which affect organisational design.
Answer. Several elements need to be coordinated by managers so that they can design an efficient organisation, that can satisfy its overall purpose and objectives. The effective orchestration of these could have a considerable influence on the success or otherwise of the organisation.

Geography: Businesses which produce goods, maintain several business offices or sell goods in different geographical areas may require a different business structure compared to organizations with centrally located business activities. An organizational structure which places some management decision making and control at the local level may be needed to acquire skilled workers and to enhance customer care. For instance, a geographical functional structure offers local control for all activities, workers and reporting to guarantee consistency, reliability and a locally focused support and sales staff. Organizations with one primarily location can streamline their activities employing a simple structure which reduces layers of management.
Age: At the outset of a firm's life, its tiny size enables the organic structural characteristics which promote flexibility and responsiveness. As it grows and expands, a business starts to mechanize, incorporating rules, procedures and policies; closely defined tasks; substantial internal systems of control and command chains. Simply speaking, maturity brings about bureaucracy. The older the company, the more likely the bureaucracy has become unwieldy, representing an obstacle to innovation, versatility and quick reactions. Organizational design need to take into account the extent to which a mature company is required to restructure itself to lessen its mechanized structure.
Environment: The environment of the company can influence the kind of organizational structure. For established businesses with a basic business product and average competition, the necessity for innovation may not be as urgent as the importance of consistency and customer support. Businesses which regularly offer new products or are in extremely competitive markets have to be nimble and responsive to variations in product demand. A more formal business structure which clearly dictates areas of responsibility may be best for a more proven business, while a functional structure which splits responsibility by product line may offer you increased flexibility.
Technology: A company's technological know-how helps with work-flow design by assisting communication and work procedures. Technology helping in work procedures is known as operational technology. A variety of industries, departments and tasks call for different levels of operational technology to operate. Technology which allows for communication is named information technology or IT. Much like operational technology, IT changes with respect to the needs of the organization's design. Get Ignou Mba MS-10 Solved Assignment Organizational design, development and change for 2022 Jan - June or July - Dec ....

Q. What are the approaches in assessing organisational effectiveness?
Answer. Goal Approach: This strategy considers that businesses are deliberate, rational, goal-seeking entities and so are meant to achieve one or more given goals. This approach views effectiveness with regards to its internal organisational objectives and performance. As a result, an organization's effectiveness is evaluated in terms of the achievement of ends rather than means. Typical goal-attainment criteria consist of profit and productivity maximization. Some experts insist that goals are vital to the understanding of organizations; while some question whether goals accomplish any function other than to justify past actions. This method has lots of constraints. When this approach is used to measure effectiveness, we need to ask whose goals are to be measured
Strategic Constituencies Approach: This approach of OE suggests that an effective organisation is one which fulfills the requirements of those constituencies in its environment from whom it takes support for its continued existence. Under this method, the organisation is thought to be an association of political arenas, where vested interests compete for control of resources. As a result, it is believed that the organisation has a number of constituencies, with diverse degrees of power, each looking to satisfy its demands. The approach attempts to satisfy only those in the environment who can threaten the organisation's survival......

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