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MS-424 Solved Assignment

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  • Version: 2019 Jan - June

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University: IGNOU
Course: Master of Business Administration

Q&A of MS-424 Solved Assignment 2019 - International Banking Management

Q. Explain the role of International Monetary Fund (IMF) and discuss the different financing facilities extended by IMF to its member countries. Comment, briefly, on the trends of financing by the IMF to its member countries in the last two years.


Q. What is the rationale for Regulation of International Banking? Explain the different forms of regulation.


Q. Explain the importance of Choice of Law in the context of International Banking and discuss the factors influencing the Choice of Law.

Answer. ........

Q. Meet the Bank Manager of your choice and discuss with him/ her, the role of a Corporate Treasury and the traditional activities in which they are involved. Write a note on your discussions.


Q. Discuss the different types of financial risks that are relevant for International Banking.

Answer. ......

Product: MS-424 Solved Assignment 2019 - International Banking Management

Course: IGNOU MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Session: Jan - June 2019

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