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MS-52 Solved Assignment

MS-52 Solved Assignment

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  • Version: 2022 Jan - June

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University: IGNOU
Course: Master of Business Administration

Q&A of Mba MS-52 Solved Assignment 2022 - Project Management

Q. What is a project? What are the characteristics of a project? Discuss the tools and techniques in project management.

Q. Draw a project network for the following jobbing production.
Activity Description Preceded by Time (Weeks)
A Market research - 15
B Make drawings - 15
C Decide production policy A 3
D Prepare sales programme A 5
E Prepare operation sheets B, C 8
F Buy materials B, C 12
G Plan labor force E 1
H Make tools E 14
I Schedule production D, G 3
J Produce product F, H, I 14
a. Construct the project network diagram.
b. Calculate the time estimates (EST, EFT, LST and LFT) in the above project.
c. Find the critical path and critical activities and project duration in the above project?

Q. What do you mean by an integrated project information system? Draw an MIS for 4- storeyed brick and residential building assuming that there is a magnificent component of marbling, tiling and sanitary work.


Q. What is project quality management? Describe the quality control procedure in project management existing in an organization that you know.


Q. Write a short note on the following:
(a) Project feasibility study
(b) Project environment
(c) Project life cycle
(d) Triple constraints of a project


Product Details: Mba MS-52 Solved Assignment 2022

Course: Ignou MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Session: Jan - June 2022 July - Dec
Subject: Project Management

Old Sample Answers of Mba Ignou MS-52 Assignments

Q. What is a Project Management Information System?
Answer. The project management information system (PMIS) is a system that can include both manual and automated systems used to gather, integrate, and disseminate the outputs of the Develop Project Management Plan process......... It is used by the project management team to create and control changes to the project management plan. The PMIS can contain many subsystems, such as project management scheduling software, information/progress reporting systems, web links to related systems, and a configuration management system.......

The purpose of a PMIS is to provide for the design and development of a project management system (PMS) for the project...... A PMS in turn provides a model against which resources can be monitored, evaluated, and controlled on the project. This leads to a determination of what the probabilities are regarding the project results.......

These results are then evaluated by senior managers/users/sponsors to determine operational and strategic fit. This in turn provides for an assessment and realization of how the project contributes to organization strategy, and organization success.........

A PMIS provides a disciplined basis to:
Identify and isolate significant variances and possibly the reason why a project deviated from the plan.
Emphasize, where possible, the quantitative and the specific qualitative factors likely to impact the project.
Provide insight into the specific corrective actions that can be planned and executed to include the assignment of appropriate authority and responsibility.
Indicate likely effects on the project baselines, to include insight into what revisions are needed, when, and why.
Provide insight into the specific corrective actions that can be planned and executed to include the assignment of appropriate authority and responsibility.

Q. Write a note Management Information System?
Answer. Information must not be collected and made readily available to managers working in all parts of an organization. Intranet technology enables this data sharing........ But it is also important that the data shared is well organized and structured. It has become a cliche of the information age to observe that too much information can be as bad as too little, but this is true. The key is to make data useful and accessible through a well thought through, integrated Management Information System or MIS.......... Get Ignou Mba MS-52 Solved Assignment 2022 Jan - June Project Management..........

Banks require historical and current data on their own business and also external data relevant to banking and financial services. Risk management practices, procedures, and models vary among banks, and consequently, the design and the depth of the MIS will vary between them........ The MIS should provide support to the entire risk management process that includes balance sheet management, business strategy formulation, and risk monitoring and control........

key inputs and outputs of an MIS
1 Reports providing passive background information. These are normally produced at lengthy intervals and give details of assets, records, depreciation......
2 Reports providing control information. These reports are produced more regularly and provide useful information and influence current and short-term tactical and operational decisions. Examples of reports include cost variance reports, credit control information, working capital statements and sales, market trends.
3 Reports providing statistical data for planning. These reports include information necessary for forecasting, corporate short-term planning or for longer-term strategic planning. Examples of statistical reports include investment appraisals, budget......

Q. What is Project review?
Answer.Project reviews are an important part of the learning process and are appropriate at various points in the project, not just at the end......he intention of all project review methodologies and tools is to understand a situation and learn from experience so that the next project will not repeat the mistakes of the last. Ideally an organization will gain sustainable knowledge so that the.........

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