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MS-53 Solved Assignment

MS-53 Solved Assignment

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  • Version: 2022 Jan - June

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University: IGNOU
Course: Master of Business Administration

Q&A of Mba MS-53 Solved Assignment 2022 - Production/ Operations Management

Q. What do you mean by production/operations management? What is the input transformation-output process? Why operations management important in all types of organizations? Discuss.


Q. Cell phone sales for a Mumbai-based firm over the last 10 weeks are shown in the following table. Plot the data, and visually check to see if a linear trend line would be appropriate. Then determine the equation of the trend line, and predict sales for weeks 11 and 12.
Week Unit Sales
1 700
2 724
3 720
4 728
5 740
6 742
7 758
8 750
9 770
10 775


Q. What do you mean by facilities layout? What are the various types of layouts? Discuss with suitable examples.


Q. ABC Company Ltd manufactures a seasonal product. At the present, they use a level labor force a matter of company policy. The company is afraid that, if they lay off workers they will not be able to rehire them or to find qualified replacements. Does this company have an aggregate planning problem? Discuss.


Q. Write a short note on the following:
i. Quality Function deployment (QFD).
ii. Guidelines for conducting Delphi study.
iii. Work measurement.
iv. Characteristics of Just in Time Systems.


Product Details: Mba MS-53 Solved Assignment 2022

Course: Ignou MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Session: Jan - June 2022 July - Dec
Subject: Production/Operations Management

Old Sample Answers of Mba Ignou MS-53 Assignments

Q. What is Delphi method?
Answer. The Delphi method is a group facilitation technique that seeks to obtain consensus on the opinions of 'experts' through a series of questionnaires. It is a useful communication tool to systematically collect and aggregate informed judgements from a group of experts on specific questions or issues...... The method is relatively time consuming since it typically consists of several rounds, and it can sometimes be difficult to consolidate the results from different experts. The strength of this method is that it helps to build a consensus between different stakeholders. Like the previous two methods, you can apply the Delphi method throughout the TIRM process to obtain input from stakeholders......... A Delphi study doesn't depend on a statistical sample that attempts to be representative of any population. It is a group decision mechanism requiring qualified experts. Therefore, the key to a successful Delphi study mainly lies in the selection of participants, who are knowledgeable and willing to contribute....... To apply the Delphi method, a semi-structured questionnaire has to be developed. The questionnaire is aimed at capturing the judgments of the experts, which have to be tested......... Then, a sufficient number of appropriate experts have to be identified. The experts will receive the questionnaire. Each expert answers the semi-structured questionnaire individually and anonymously in written form......... The experts do not see the answers of other experts before they submit their own judgments. The responses are analyzed, combined, and sent back to the experts, accompanied by a second semi-structured questionnaire that aims to clarify disagreements.......

Q. What is Product layout and process layout?
Answer. The product layout arranges equipment (departments) in the order of product process flow. This type of layout....... is generally used in a production setting, where services (processes) are standardized and there is little variation, such as an assembly line........ A product layout is generally less flexible and requires higher initial... equipment cost, but minimizes process cycle time and increases equipment utilization. The product layout might be used for a hospital cafeteria........

The process layout groups types of processes (departments, equipment, and so on) together to provide the most flexibility....... Examples of a process layout can be found in physician offices (group practice), clinics, or hospitals. The hospital groups together functions such as intensive care, surgery, emergency medicine, and radiology as separate departments....... This arrangement allows one patient entering through the emergency room to be seen in radiology, possibly surgery, and then intensive care, and another to be admitted directly for elective surgery and then to intensive care...... The variability among patients makes such flexibility necessary....... Another complicating factor is that it is often not clear when a specific bed will become open, so that scheduling a particular patient for a particular bed may not be possible......... Get Ignou Mba MS-53 Solved Assignment 2022 Jan - June Production/Operations Management..........

Q. What is Just-in-Time Production ?
Answer. The concept of just-in-time inventory first originated at Toyota, the largest Japanese automobile firm........ For it to succeed, Toyota needed the cooperation of its suppliers and distributors. All three entities had to make adjustments and changes in their operations and coordinate their schedules to ensure that cycle times were reduced....... To reduce cycle time, the number of defects had to be brought down substantially especially because few spare parts were being stocked. Limited space and expensive land in Japan discouraged construction of large storage yards. The ideas behind just-in-time are not limited to the production dimension only......

The Kanban/JIT philosophy had strong influences on production scheduling all through the 1960s and 1970s and was a key component to similar movements such as lean manufacturing.......... All seemed well on the production side of the push supply chain. The lean manufacturing focus placed more and more efficiencies to the production side of the equation, but as was discussed earlier this also created an island of efficiency problem in the organization. The effective application of JIT production capabilities cannot be done in a vacuum. Indeed, without the outward view into the whole organization the "opposite of the desired result" can occur......... The first opposite of the desired result issue centered on quality. It was one thing to have a part ready to be consumed....... If that part is not acceptable, the entire system grinds to a halt, causing higher than expected downtime costs. In the situation of Toyota, Toyota engineers created a range of tolerance for product or part acceptance to overcome the quality issue.....

A key feature of JIT production is designing the system around flexible resources - both workers and technology. Multifunctional workers are trained to perform more than one job, so that they can replace other workers who are absent or missing, and so that they spend as little time as possible not working......... Similarly, instead of special-purpose equipment, JIT production uses general-purpose machines that can perform several basic functions and thus spend as little time as possible not being used.........

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