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MS-66 Solved Assignment

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  • Version: 2019 July - Dec

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University: IGNOU
Course: Master of Business Administration

Q&A of Mba MS-66 Solved Assignment 2019 - Marketing Research

Q.1. (a) (a) Discuss the meaning and importance of marketing research in managerial decision making process. Elaborate the role of marketing research by taking an example of your choice.

b) Collect data from various secondary sources or any other sources you one familiar with and elaborate how marketing research is conducted in India and their role as a continuous managerial activity.

Q. (a) Explain the term data in marketing research. What makes data collection a critical stage in every marketing problem faced by the company whether small on big? Suggest data collection methods for the following.
(i) Mid sized FMCG company to assess and evaluate a new product offering.
(ii) Logistics company to enhance demand for their services.

b) "No research project is possible without employing sampling techniques". Discuss the above statement and the problems associated with sampling in research. When and why non-probability sampling methods are used? Explain with examples.

Q. (a) Differentiate between Qualitative and Quantitative research. Illustrate the situation where these two methods are used by the researcher? Substantiate with examples. Comment on their merits and limitations.

(b) What are non-parametric techniques of data analysis? When and why they are applied? Give suitable examples for such techniques.

Q. (a) Why Questionnaire is considered as an instrument of data collection in research? Explain its need and the steps involved in questionnaire design and development in the following situation
(i) Questionnaire design to ascertain the TV viewings habits of senior citizens.
Answer. .........

(b) What is data processing? Why it is important for researcher to edit, modify, tabulate, and present the data? Explain with an example.
Answer. ........

Product Details: Mba MS-66 Solved Assignment 2019

Course: Ignou MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Session: July - Dec 2019
Subject: Marketing Research

Old Sample Answers of Mba Ignou MS-66 Assignments

Q. Write a note on Quantitative research.
Answer. The purpose of quantitative research and analysis is to provide managers with the analytical tools necessary for making better management decisions......... Quantitative research is concerned with measurement. It is used, for example, to measure the size of a market or segment, to validate a finding arising from another source, or to test hypotheses. It usually involves obtaining data from relatively large numbers of respondents who have been sampled in a rigorous manner........... All too often, businesses stop working with analytics after step one-collecting data. Because most analytics systems can automatically generate ready-made reports, it is easy for a researcher to export an analytics report, distribute it, and then consider the job of quantitative research complete........ This is a shame because analytics data is representative of the entire customer population; therefore, it contains a wealth of information that may have implications for the business as a whole, and could, when used well, trigger collaborative efforts across the organization, leading to dramatic improvements in performance.......... There are several ways of collecting the data. The lowest-cost, but most problematic, is the mailed survey. The biggest problem with using the mail is the very low response rate (1-5 percent is common). Do you really want to base your new product decisions on the tiny minority of unusual customers who took the time to fill out the......... Telephone interviewing has taken a beating lately. Direct marketers selling credit cards, mortgage refinancing, and windshield replacement have "poisoned Quantitative Market Research the well." "Do Not Call" lists are a strong response to unwanted telemarketing. Unfortunately, the backlash has also hit the market research companies who merely gather consumer opinions......... The third step in the quantitative survey process is data analysis. The mundane part of this step is inputting the data from paper surveys into an electronic database. Of course, Web and telephone surveys do this automatically as part of their process........ Once the data is in the computer, statistical analysis software is used to create averages, count frequencies, and cross-tabulate the results among important groups of customers..........

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