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MS-68 Solved Assignment

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  • Version: 2018 July - Dec

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University: IGNOU
Course: Master of Business Administration

Q&A of Mba MS-68 Solved Assignment 2018 - Management of Marketing Communication & Advertising

Q. a) What is marketing communications? As a customer does the role of marketing communication helps in your buying decisions process? Discuss with suitable illustration.
What elements of promotion mix would you recommend for the following and why?
(i) Proposed electric car to be offered/launched
(ii) Public Transport services (Road ways) in your location.


b) As one of the leading direct broadband satellite TV provider in the country, when and why it becomes necessary to plan promotional strategies. Explain. Discuss the various steps involved in the planning process of promotional strategy by taking the above example.

Answer. .....

Q. a) Distinguish advertisement from advertising. What are the two major activities that contribute to the success of an advertisement? Discuss by picking up any two print advertisements of your choice and evaluate in terms of its impact on the target market.

Q. a) What do you understand by the term Media in the context of advertising and communication?
As a media Head of a leading Ad agency what criteria would you adopt in media selection in the following situations.
(i) Pre-launch promotional strategy for a 250 motor cycle for urban youth
(ii) Initiative to educate ban on plastic bags
(iii) Creating awareness on the dangers of drunk driving.


b) What are the major objectives of sales promotion? Discuss the different types of sales promotion available for the marketer to enhance the sales of the firm.

Q. a) What is an advertising agency? Discuss the basic structure of an advertising agency. What are the major reasons that marketers seek services from these agencies? Justify.

b) What is Internet Marketing? What are the major reasons for its remarkable growth in the last decade. Collect data / information from various sources for this growth and prepare an essay highlighting the scope, growth and challenges of this medium for the next five years.

Product Details: Mba MS-68 Solved Assignment 2018

Course: Ignou MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Session: July - Dec 2018
Subject: Management of Marketing Communication & Advertising

Old Sample Answers of Mba Ignou MS-68 Assignments

Q. What is marketing communication?
Answer. Marketing communications are messages and related media used to communicate with a market................ Marketing communication helps to develop brand awareness, which means that consumers translate product information into perceptions about the........ When we talk about marketing communications, we need to firstly consider the classic hierarchy-of-effects (HOE) model..... The model is widely-used to explain consumer decision making process...... The classic traditional hierarchy framework asserts that a consumer goes through a three-stage process: cognitive, which refers to the awareness or learning something new; affective, when they develop feeling, interest or desire; and finally behavioural, when the customer takes action....... There are so many different HOE models in marketing literature but the most cited is the one that was initially developed by Lavidge and Steiner (1961) who stated that advertising effects occur over a period of time and in specific stages..... Traditional marketing communication is mostly one way information flow from the companies to the customers. Advertising agencies usually plan, create and implement advertising campaigns or other forms of promotion for their clients. The clients dictate their objectives and usually have a role in shaping the campaign. However, the creative work is left up to the agencies....... Now, with online media such as blogs, companies can interact directly with customers in their corporate blogs or by providing incentives for bloggers to review or write about their products and services......... Marketing communications are intended to both inform and persuade a target audience, with a view to influencing the behaviour of that group.......

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