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Ignou MBA Solved Assignments
IGNOU MBA Solved Assignments

MS-11 Solved Assignment Strategic Management

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  • Version: July - Dec 2014

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Q. Explain in what sense the top management takes strategic decisions in an organization? Illustrate with suitable examples..
Answer. Strategic decisions are long-term in their impact. They affect and shape the direction of the whole business. Strategic decision makers -- who include chief executive officers, chief financial officers, -- in any organization, including small businesses, have several responsibilities that others in the organization do not share.........

Q.Identify two organizations of your choice from the automobile sector. One that is a single business unit (SBU) and the other which has several related businesses. Read the published information about these organizations and analyze the corporate profile of each company.
Answer. .................

Q. What do you understand by an organizational culture? Identify two companies that have recently merged. Read the published information on the two companies. Based on the study identify the issues and challenges the two companies currently face in combining their respective organizational cultures.
Answer. Culture is an abstraction, yet the forces that are created in social and organizational situations deriving from culture are powerful...... Organizational culture is the set of shared values and norms that control interactions among employees. Organizational values include general criteria, standards or guiding principles that determine the behavior of employees, situations and outcomes. The terminal values encompass attributes of excellence, responsibility, innovativeness, profitability, and morality.........

Q. Select an organization of your choice and analyze how differentiation strategy has been useful for the organization to build its competitive advantage.
Answer. A differentiation strategy offers products that are unique and different from the competition....... Success with a differentiation strategy requires organizational strengths in marketing, research and development, and creativity. An example in the apparel industry is Polo Ralph Lauren, retailer of upscale classic fashions and accessories......

Q. What is balanced scorecard (BSC)? As a strategist list out the issues and challenges you will face while developing and implementing a BSC in an organization? Discuss with the help of an example.
Answer. The Balanced Scorecard was introduced by Robert Kaplan and Ken Norton in the early 1990s as a framework for diversifying measurements beyond financial measurements....... Once the business strategies are developed, they are deployed and tracked through what we call the Four Legs of the Balanced Scorecard. These four legs are made up of four distinct business perspectives.......

MS-11 Solved Assignment IGNOU MBA

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Old Sample Answer

Q. What do you understand by Organizational climate?
Answer. As defined by Harrison and Shirom (1999: 263), organizational climate refers to ‘members’ perceptions of organizational features such as decision-making, leadership and norms about work’........ The organizational climate is deliberately created and maintained by management. It largely consists of the way that people treat each other up and down the line........... When Thomas J. Watson Sr. started IBM, he laid out the three core values of the company. These values—excellent products and services, excellent customer service, and respect for the individual—would determine the future of IBM, eventually making it the biggest and most respected computer company in the world......... Climate differentiates one workplace from another. Although two companies may share the same goals, the climate of the two organizations may be very different. The employees’ perceptions of their work and their workplace affects their attitudes. Attitudes influence individual motivation. Motivation impacts job performance. Therefore, climate influences performance on the job.......

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