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MS-02 Solved Assignment Management of Human Resources

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  • Version: 2015 July - Dec

Soft Copy: Yes
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University: IGNOU
Course: Master of Business Administration

Q&A of MS-02 Solved Assignment 2015

Q. "In the prevailing context of business world wide, the organizations are faced with five critical challenges viz; Globalisation, Profitability through growth, Technology, Intellectual capital and Change, and Change and more change,
Collectively these challenges require building new capabilities."
Elaborate this statement and discuss the underlying concepts with respect to the organisational efforts in the directions of addressing these challenges and their fall out / impact, from the experience you have had while working in an organisation or from the ones you are familiar with. Give relevant details of the organisation/s you are referring to.
Answer. From the business point of view, one effect of globalization is that of expanded markets. Because of this a business which had in the past only sold its goods domestically can begin selling products to other countries.....

Q. Present a brief account of various Performance Appraisal methods and the problems generally encountered in the processes.
Does a particular method of Performance Appraisal suit a particular type of organisation? If yes, why? , if no why?
Explain and critically evaluate the Performance Appraisal you have come across while working in an organisation, or having familiarity with. Briefly explain the organisation, you are referring to.
Answer. Performance appraisal is a process for individual employees and the ones concerned with their performance......

Q. "An organisation can be defined as a system of Roles, while a role itself is a system." "The system of various roles which the individual carries and performs, and the system of various roles of which his / her role is a part."
Elaborate the statements and explain with relevant examples as to how and why these statements assume importance and play significant role in processes of various dimensions of Role Efficacy in an organisational set up.

Q. "Motivational Systems and Reward Management are assuming greater importance day by-day in the formal organisational set up."
Critically evaluate this statement and explain with your organizational experience or the ones you are familiar with, the reason and their inevitability, if any, in the functioning / sustainability of an organisation in today’s competitive environment. Briefly describe the organisation and the situation you are referring to.
Answer. Sometimes, merely getting a paycheck isn't enough of an incentive to keep workers dedicated and focused.......

Product Details: MS-02 Solved Assignment 2015

Course: IGNOU MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Session: July - Dec 2015
Subject: Management of Human Resources

Old Sample Answers for Ignou Mba MS-02 Assignments

Q. Write a note on reward Strategy.
Answer. Reward strategy may be a broad-brush affair, simply indicating the general direction in which it is thought reward management should go...... Reward strategy sets out what the organization intends to do in the longer term to develop and implement reward policies, practices and processes which will further the achievement of its.......... Reward management activities fow from reward strategies that are integrated with business and HR strategies and exist to give a sense of purpose and direction. Te aims of reward management are to support the achievement of business goals, but equally they are to build a relationship based on trust, openness and personal fulfillment...... The formulation of reward strategy can be described as a process for developing and defining a sense of direction. There are...... A key aim of reward strategy is to foster the development of a high performance culture, thus helping the organization to achieve its business goals. In the familiar phrase, reward strategy also aims to create policies and practices that will attract, retain and motivate high.... Not available in sample of Ignou Mba MS-02 Solved Assignment Dec 2015 .......

Q. What is competency mapping?
Answer. Competencies are made up of clusters of knowledge, attitude and skill set. Competency mapping is the evaluation of employees set of skills as an individual and as part........ This is accomplished by performing a variety of sample assessments as a baseline further to which assessment tools will be developed based on the specified competencies required for the positions... Competencies are based on certain job families within the company and are usually arranged around categories like strategy, relationships, innovation, leadership, decision-making, emotional intelligence, etc.... It is sometimes complicated to spot all the competencies needed to fulfill the job requirements. Having said that, quite a few techniques and methods have already been created and successfully tried out. These techniques have aided managers to a large extent, to spot and reinforce and/or develop these competencies both for the development of the individual and the growth of the business....Get MS-02 Solved Assignment 2015 of Management of Human Resources.........

Q. Write a sort note on psychological tests.
Answer. A psychological test is made to accumulate info from an applicant to help anticipate their capability and suitability for a particular job and/or organisation............. Psychological testing is utilized to figure out, specifically, the ability of potential employees to work under stress filled circumstances and to assess the potential... Psychological assessment is comparable to psychological testing but usually consists of a more extensive assessment of the person. Psychological assessment is a procedure that consists of checking the integration of information from several sources, for example tests of normal and abnormal persona, tests of ability, tests of interests, in addition to information from personal interviews. Collateral information is also gathered about personal, work-related, or health background, like from records or from interviews.....

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