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MS-54 Solved Assignment Management of Information Systems

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  • Version: 2016 Jan - June

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Q. Define structured and unstructured decisions. Discuss the rational individual models of decision making. What are the implications of these models to information system analysts?.

Q. How much importance should be accorded to implementation phase as part of the total MIS development activity? Explain. Briefly discuss the various implementation strategies. Under what circumstances are they suitable?

Q. What are the various kinds of network topologies? Describe the types of switching available in networks and describe the various applications to which networks can be put.

Q. Outline the basic sequence of steps to acquiring a DMBS. What steps are the most important? Why should an organization be careful about placing over reliance on “benchmark” tests in selecting a DBMS?

Q. Write a detailed note on “the impact of computerization on our living style”.

MS-54 Solved Assignment IGNOU MBA

This page is dedicated to IGNOU Master of Business Administration (MBA) MS-54 Management of Information Systems Solved Assignment. You can download IGNOU MBA MS 54 Solved Assignments of Jan - June 2016 here.

Old Sample Answer

Q. Analog Transmission & Digital Transmission
Answer. Analog transmission occurs when the signal sent over the transmission media continuously varies from one state to another in a wave-like pattern much like the human voice. Modems translate the digital binary data produced by computers into the analog signals required by voice transmission circuits. One modem is used by the transmitter........ second by the receiver to translate the analog signals back into digital signals....... A common example of an analog system is an electrical temperature sensor such as a thermocouple............. which generates a small voltage that changes with the temperature. As the temperature rises, the thermocouple senses the temperature change, and the voltage increases. Because the relationship between temperature and voltage from the device is predictable........
The service of providing long distance transmission of electrical signals is known as telecommunication. The input data which is in the analog form which is a characteristic of frequency of voltage, amplitude......... frequency, phase etc is converted into digital signal that are discrete in nature........ The conversion and transmission of the input information requires the following components. Digital transmission requires a transmitter, to transmit the input information and a receiver to receive the desired output............ A transmitter converts the input data into signal form suitable for transmission. It feeds energy into communication channels that are later converted. For example, a telephone receiver converts voice into electric current......... A digital transmission process is represente..........

Q. Define DBMS and outline the basic sequence of steps for acquiring of DBMS.
Answer. The DBMS control access to the data. It authenticates and then authorizes users. They are allocated different levels of privileges to read and write the data. The management system also gives isolation between multiple users of the database............. Data is locked so that only one user at a time can update information, although many may have concurrent access.......... The DBMS does far more ............. important thing is to ensure the integrity of a data field during a value update or transaction control. If the operation to change a value were to be interrupted.......... the transaction could be corrupted, say if a tape was being checked out from the vault to a user.......... If the communications between the librarian’s terminal and the server were lost, the database could lose the location value of that tape. The tape ........ out of the library, but the transaction to associate with the user may have failed....... The following functions are ......... necessary attributes of a DBMS for handling the workload of a large BI target database or very large database (VLDB):
Degree of parallelism in handling queries and data loads
Intelligence in handling dimensional data models and optimizers
Database scalability
Internet integration
Availability of advanced index schemes
Replication on heterogeneous platforms
Unattended operations.....

Q. What are expert systems?
Answer. In a broader sense, “expert system” is one of the most common applications of artificial intelligence technology, and it is a way of enabling a machine to perform a task that is normally expected to be performed by a humanbeing.......... Human resources management uses expert systems to analyze applicants for available positions. These systems assign “scores” to candidates, lessening the ............. for HR managers in the hiring process. Human HR managers still make the final decision, but the expert system provides useful information and recommendations......... One major issue with the traditional expert system methodology lies in the fact that all knowledge, whether it be domain knowledge or operational knowledge, is usually mixed together to form a “knowledge base”. Thus, both types of knowledge are usually blended together in knowledge rules......... Such a design, as reported in many cases, may hinder knowledge engineers’ ability to express deeper relationships among knowledge items and, specifically............. that is semantic in nature. In addition, it may lead to inefficiency when the domain becomes large or the ......... becomes complex......... Generally speaking, the components of an expert system are expert system, human expert(s), knowledge engineer, expert system development tools and the user. As defined earlier in this paper, expert system is .................high performance computer software” used in finding solutions to the problems by using expert knowledge. “Expert” is an individual who ........... skills and knowledge to solve the problems encountered in a particular field and gained working .........d for many years. By using his knowledge and unique personal methods, he is able to make comments about the.....

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