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Ignou MBA Solved Assignments
IGNOU MBA Solved Assignments

MS-54 Solved Assignment Management of Information Systems

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  • Version: Jan - June 2015

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Q. How the functional areas can be separated from MIS point of view. List down major subsystems and the typical reports generated within the functional area in your organization.
Answer. A management information system gives information that is required to manage businesses efficiently...........

Q. "Analysis is 'the what' of the system whereas design is 'the how' of the system" Comment!

Q. Differentiate between
a. Analog Transmission & Digital Transmission
b. Bits & Baud

Q. Identify and briefly describe some of the terms which should normally be included in a software acquisition contract.

Q. What is a tortuous liability? Discuss them with respect to use of computers. Also explain the major aspects of determination of liability for tort/contract violation.

MS-54 Solved Assignment IGNOU MBA

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